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Oct 9, 2011 11:30am EDT
a national crisis. >> more than 14 million people in the united states do not have a job. u.s. unemployment is now a national crisis. federal reserve board chairman bernanke sees the current unemployment crisis as widespread, enduring and unprecedented. >> we've had now close to 10% unemployment now for a number of years, and of the people who are unemployed, about 45% have been unemployed for six months or more. >> that 45% figure adds up to roughly six million americans them have not had a job in the past six months. mr. bernanke also says long- term unemployed could well become the permanently unemployed. the bernanke comments come in the middle of a nationwide protest movement called occupy wall street. these protestors are demonstrating against wall street and its corporations. , who they believe caused the ongoing unemployment crisis. boston, baltimore, chicago, denver, kansas city, los angeles, new york, san francisco, seattle, st. louis, washington, d.c. have all seen the wall street demonstrations. president obama's former green energy advisor, ben jones, compares the protests to t
Oct 15, 2011 7:30pm EDT
. the u.s. department of justice says flat-out that iran's military unit known as the quds force planned to hire a mexican drug cartel to kill the saudi ambassador to the united states at a d.c. restaurant. but federal authorities foiled the plan because one of the two plotters, manssor arbabsiar, worked with an informant of the u.s. government. arbabsiar, who has dual u.s.- iranian citizenship, is now under arrest in a federal prison in new york. the justice department says that arbabsiar and no concerns about how many u.s. lives would be lost if this plot were to be carried out. >> when the confidential source noted that there could be 100 or 150 people in a restaurant where the requested bombing would take place, including possibly members of the united states congress, the lead defendant said, no problem. >> the other alleged plotters gohlam shakuri, a member of the iranian quds force. he is believed to be in iran. u.s. attorney general holder was asked on tuesday whether the plot was sanctioned by any high-level member of the iranian government, whether a mula iranian presidahmadidi
Oct 30, 2011 11:30am EDT
. why this enormous income gap? one major reason is that u.s. workers without a college education cannot compete with the chinese, the indian, or other workers around the world that better educated and cheaper. question, is it a fallacy that the rich just get richer? pat buchanan? >> no, john. what happened to the american economy is dramatic historic transfer from manufacturing and production power to a financial capital where people buy and sell and trade paper. second thing happened is this, we dropped the u.s. economy, we had the highest wages in the world, and strict regulations into a global economy with countries with the lowest wages you can imagine, and no regulation, so production and manufacturing in all those jobs left the united states and went to china, asia, other countries around the world. that's why the middle-class, blue collar workers have had have arrested in coming for 30 years, because we've done that to the american people, john. and take the first decade of the 20th century. we lost 6 million manufacturing jobs, one in every three we had. and 55,000 factories. th
Oct 22, 2011 7:30pm EDT
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Oct 8, 2011 7:30pm EDT
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Oct 23, 2011 11:30am EDT
of a la akbar, god is great! the fall of libya comes just two days after a surprise visit to tripoli by u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i'm proud to stand here on the soil of a free libya. this is libya's victory, and the future belongs to you. >> secretary clinton pledged economic and political support to push gaddafi libya. libya's liberation is seen as another jewel in the foreign policy crown of president barack obama. those achievements include the successful killing of al-qaeda leaders anwar al-awlaki and earlier, of course, osama bin laden. the president's approval numbers have been generally low, except for a majority of americans who currently approve of his job on fighting terrorism, 61%. question, which world leader deserves the greated credit for gaddafi's ouster, france's nicholas sarkozy, britain's david cameron, or america's barack obama? pat buchanan? >> barack obama does, john, because the united states was the power there when the britt cruise missiles on the first day. >> was he slow to join the group. >> no, the americans if the first 10 days did the heave li
Oct 2, 2011 11:30am EDT
terrorist in the al- qaeda network. al-awlaki was killed on friday by a u.s. predator drone. he was born in new mexico, so he was automatically a citizen of the united states. he was also a leading al-qaeda of terrorist acts. question, how big a blow is al- awlaki's demise to al-qaeda? pat. >> i think it's very big, john. he is believed to be the inspiration or the source of the fort hood killer, who killed 13 american soldiers and wounded 29 at fort hood n the largest massacre on an american military base. he is -- i don't know he is the operative chief of al-qaeda, but he is the principle public voice. i almost in that part of the world and certainly in yemen, and so that is a big victory for the united states. but i'll tell you that, john. the important thing is the united states has indicated ever since osama bin laden was taken down that they can run down and find and shoot and kill using drones or airstrikes and incredible number of al- qaeda leaders. it's astonishing -- they must have gotten a huge volume of intel from bin laden's computers or somewhere else because they've been k
Oct 1, 2011 7:30pm EDT
this year. it's about this team. it's about the alabama team and us coming together and playing saturday night. what a great opportunity we have here in the swamp. we look forward to it. >> and it's about speed. chris rainey will be on fire. and it's a lit fuse. and the two guys, timmy, have been impressive. and you talk about chris rainy and how pont he and and on the other side, it's richard son and i think they will prevail. >> tim: but they could stuff the box and force them to throw. can they protect him in and other action today. kentucky taking on l.s.u. >> spencer: and jefferson was exonerated of felony charges. gets it in from a yard out. >> tim: and it's smith stripped. and how about the play of matthew? >> spencer: you got to start to talk heisman trophy. >> tim: i think you do. and he picked up the fumble in the oregon game and here. and they will play florida next week on cbs. and oklahoma out to a quick start. and nevada taking on boise state. and nevada ended it for boise state a-yard gain. not this time. and it's moore to harper. 21 yards on the smurf turf and that's a 30
Oct 29, 2011 7:30pm EDT
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Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)